Our office feels that prevention is the key to protecting your smile.  The bar continues to be raised with “true” prevention, and what we understand true prevention to be.  The current reports generated from sleep studies have given us so much information on “cause and effect.” Our mission is to help recognize, identify and intercept what is causing problems on an individual basis. Whether it’s a cavity, broken tooth, worn teeth, missing teeth, dry mouth or sleep issues- your dental health and overall health  go hand and hand.  Prevention is not a crown for a cracked tooth, or a filling to fix your child’s cavity.  Prevention is figuring out what caused the tooth to crack, or why a person is at a higher risk for cavities.  By understanding “cause and effect”, our goal is to increase your quality of life and to protect your dental investment.  Our office takes great pride in our prevention program, as well as helping our patients meet their individual dental needs and expectations.